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It is not a secret that you are

a wise person! That is

precisely the reason you

are here at Therapuetic


Our goal is to help educate

people about the causes

and remedies concerning

joint and muscle discomfort. 


Living a life with arthritis and joint pain can be hard to bare. With all the products on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose which one is

right for you.

We are here to help lead you to

the right product!

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Pain is a serious issue.

At the end of the day,

our main objective is to help

you cut joint and muscle pain

out of your daily routine.

We make sure that

all of our prodcuts are

tried, true and tested to

give you the best chance at

living a pain-free life!

Our Story



Our Story is a Simple One

We are a Christian family owned and operated business.

We are based in small town Kentucky.

We produce and manufacture all of our products

inside of the United States.


These three qualities produce a mindset of integrity, reliabilty and care thoughout the

various parts of our business. When we say "Welcome to the Go Green Family", we truly mean it. 

Our number one goal is to provide our customers with an affordable, pain stopping alternative. We do not claim to have a corner on the medicine market. However, we do stand confidently behind our all-natural, American made product that has bringing people relief from arthritis and joint and body pain for over 15 years.

Whether it is our Go Green Pain Relief Solution, our Hematite Joint Relief Line of Jewelry or our Muscle Stimulators, our sincere desire with all our products is to help relieve you of your pain. Quality of everyday living is a goal we will strive

to help you reach!

Now that you know us, let us know some stuff about you!


Click below to let us know how we can help you! 

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